An international day and boarding school for ages 2-18 in Lusaka, Zambia
Board & Governance

Board & Governance

Baobab College operates under a system of governance called ‘The Relationship Model of Governance.’

This model was developed by Mr Les Stahlke and is described in his book ‘Governance Matters.’ In this model, our school operates with a Board of Trustees, who are the founders of our school, and a Board of Governors who provide the strategic leadership for our school.

The Board of Governors is responsible for defining the vision, mission and goals of the School. It creates and maintains the strategic plan, delegates management authority to the Principal and monitors and measures performance and risk. The Board is the supreme decision-making authority in all matters regarding

  • General Policy
  • Finance
  • Appointment or removal of the Principal
  • The curriculum
  • School uniform
  • Strategic planning and development

Board membership is for a two-year period which may be renewed up to a maximum of 6 years. At that point the Board member must step off the Board for at least one year after which they will be eligible to rejoin the Board for a maximum of six more years.

Any member of the parent body can apply to become a member of the Board by submitting their CV to the Trustees for consideration. Elections and confirmation of appointments are usually carried out at the Parents and Teachers Committee annual general meeting.

Our Board

  • Dr Kim Taylor (Board Chairperson)
  • Stephen Henderson (Board Vice/ DevCom and Human Capital Chairperson)
  • Rupesh Sinha (Board Secretary)
  • Mkuzo Kuwani (Fincom Chairperson)
  • Lowani Chibesakunda (Relationship Review Chairperson)
  • Evangelia Marinakis (Scholarships & Bursary Chairperson)
  • Arne Olsen
  • Sudzo McBride Dzekedzeke
  • George Roberts
  • Dr Musebu Sichula Mulligan
  • Dr. Mohamed El Sahili

Our Trustees

  • Jumbo van Blerk (Chairperson)
  • Nick Lostrom
  • Paul Golson
  • Klaske Hiemstra
  • Heather Bender Chalcraft
  • Johan Henrick Sportel
  • Laura Du plooy (Company Secretary)