At Baobab College we are firmly committed to:

  • Sustaining a happy, healthy and secure learning environment in which all of our students can attain their full potential.
  • Providing ample opportunity for our students to identify and develop all of their talents and in so doing to mature into confident, well-adjusted adults, ready to take their place in our dynamic global society.

The Secondary school offers a broad, diverse and balanced academic curriculum, delivered by high-quality staff using up-to-date methods and strategies. We follow the National Curriculum for England and Wales and our students sit the Cambridge International Examinations at the end of Year 11 (IGCSE) and years 12 and 13 (AS and A level). At present we offer a total of twenty different subjects in the Secondary school. These are spread over Key Stage 3 (years 7 to 9), Key Stage 4 (years 10 to 11) and the Sixth Form (years 12 to 13).

In line with our commitment to a holistic education BAOBAB COLLEGE offers a wide range of cultural, academic, social and sports clubs and societies. These enable our students to further enhance their self-discipline, confidence, leadership, and physical and social skills, thus providing foundations for their successful integration into society.

All students receive 15 minutes per day of PSHE during tutor time.

We are particularly proud of the fact that our school was awarded Cambridge International Fellowship Centre status in November 2005. This is a highly prestigious award that only a few schools worldwide have achieved.


At Baobab College, Key Stage 3 is a crucial stage of a students’ academic career…

It is at this stage that the building blocks for IGCSE success are created and laid. We offer a very diverse program at Baobab College in Key Stage 3. The majority of lessons are taught with students in form groups, however in English and Mathematics students are streamed according to ability. The subjects currently offered in

Key Stage 3 are as follows:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • French
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Art/Design and Technology/Music Carousel
  • Religious Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Information Technology


IGCSE (International General Certificate in School Education), administered by the University of Cambridge International Examinations Board, presents many students with their first taste of gaining externally assessed international qualifications. In some subject areas, students will follow the Edexcel International Examinations course instead of Cambridge.

As with Key Stage 3, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum and we encourage our students to make the most of this by having the following expectations;

  • All students must take Mathematics, English Language
  • All students must take at least one Science, Creative and Humanities subject

Option Blocks currently offered are as follows;

Year 10

  • Group 3 – French, Travel & Tourism
  • Group 4 – Literature in English, Additional English
  • Group 5 – Chemistry, Physical Education (Edexcel), Information Technology A
  • Group 6 – Art, Physics, History,
  • Group 7 – Biology A, Business Studies, Design & Technology,
  • Group 8 – Biology B, Geography
  • Group 9 – Accounting, Drama, Information Technology B

Where there is Biology and Information Technology A and B students only need to choose one of these.

Year 11

  • Group 3 – French, Additional English
  • Group 4 – Biology, Art, Business Studies
  • Group 5 – Chemistry. Design & Technology, Travel & Tourism
  • Group 6 –Biology, Business Studies
  • Group 7 – Geography, Information Technology, Environmental Management,
  • Group 8 –History, Physics,
  • Group 9 – Literature in English, Physical Education, Drama

Students may take one subject from each block.

Most of our students will take eight subjects with the more able taking nine.

For more details contact the school and ask for a copy of our IGCSE Options Booklet.

6th Form – Leadership and Excellence

 Baobab College 6th Form continues to flourish with good numbers of students, whether from Baobab College or elsewhere in Zambia, choosing to finish off their secondary education with us.

These healthy numbers allow us to offer a good range of A Levels and other qualifications to students ensuring that we can meet the personal needs of each individual. A’ levels continue to be regarded by the best universities around the world as the “gold standard” in terms of secondary school qualifications, and they form the backbone of our curriculum in the 6th Form. However, we have also built into our curriculum the chance for students to study English or Maths IGCSE’s should they require higher grades in these important subjects.

There are exciting developments afoot in terms of some of our students combining their academic learning with learning in the workplace and we have plans to bring on stream some more vocational courses in the next year as well.

We believe that the experience of being in a 6th Former should be about more than just achieving academic excellence. We ask all our 6th Form students to participate in the International Youth Award (the international equivalent of the Duke of Edinburgh Award) where they are challenged to develop their teamwork and interpersonal skills and to contribute significantly to their community.

See IYA Program Flyer here. 

In addition, we have developed a wide range of leadership opportunities within school for our 6th Form students so that they can develop the kinds of skills and aptitudes that will help them to succeed, not just in school, but far beyond.

Finally, our Head of 6th Form and Careers Counselor each ensure that our students are carefully guided and supported in the choices that they make for further study at University and the processes involved in their applications.


Sixth Form Education may be an end to itself, with students entering the world of work directly from A-Levels, but more usually it is a stepping-stone to further study or training. Both of these factors were borne in mind when our Sixth Form programme was designed.

We see the Sixth Form as the final stage in preparing students for the challenges that life will present them with. As with other stages of the secondary school we offer a broad range of subjects at AS and A Level.

Students are expected to take a minimum of three subjects (maximum of five), in fact most will take four to AS Level with three of these continuing to full A-Level. In order to be accepted onto an AS/A level course, students must have gained a B grade or higher (or equivalent) at IGCSE level.

In certain subjects students must also have followed the Extended syllabus at IGCSE.

The subjects currently on offer are as follows (please note all subjects follow the Cambridge International Examinations syllabus except where indicated Edexcel):

  • Block 1 
  1. A2 Mathematics
  2. A2 Art & Design
  3. A2 History
  4. AS Maths
  5. AS Art and Design
  6. AS Literature in English
  • Block 2 
  1. A2 Physics
  2. A2 Travel and Tourism
  3. AS Biology
  4. AS Applied ICT
  • Block 3 
  1. A2 Biology
  2. A2 Design and Technology
  3. A2 English Language
  4. AS Chemistry
  5. AS Design and Technology
  6. AS Geography
  • Block 4 
  1. A2 Geography
  2. A2 Business Studies
  3. AS English Language
  4. AS History
  5. AS Physics
  • Block 5 
  1. A2 Applied ICT
  2. A2 Chemistry
  3. A2 Literature in English
  4. AS Business Studies
  5. AS Travel and Tourism

Please note: AS corresponds to the first year of the course and A2 the second.

For more details, please contact the school and ask for a copy of our Sixth Form Prospectus.  Sixth Form students have their own Common Room where they may study in their non-contact time.

Sixth Form students have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through the Prefect System while they are required to be involved more in community service both within and beyond the school