BAOBAB COLLEGE places great emphasis on ‘giving back’ and takes part in a number of projects aimed at uplifting schools and pupils in less fortunate academic situations.

Baobab School Community Project:

During the course of the project,  over 20 of our year 11 students, who recently finished their CIE examinations, have been involved in a community service project in our local area. They have painted the Chisomo street kid centre on the outskirts of Linda compound. This involved painting the outside, dormitories, bathrooms and offices. In addition to this they planted the vegetable garden to assist with the feeding of all at the centre. The centre is home to almost 30 former street kids.

Following this they then paid a visit to Yanos community school in Lilayi where they handed over clothing and books to Bishop Yambe the headteacher, who gratefully received the items.



The Tree of Life Project:

Children from other schools are invited to ‘decorate’ a tree on our school grounds with notes and drawings depicting/stating their wishes.

Children can wish for books, pens, shoes and any other academically related items and parents at our school donate the items for distribution to these less fortunate children.