Children from the age of 7-11 years are fully catered for at Baobab College. The programme offered is busy, enjoyable and rewarding. The College currently has two class intakes for each Year group from Year Three to Year Six. They follow the QCA curriculum objectives for all subjects. Literacy, Numeracy and Science are core subjects whilst History, Geography, Art, Design and Technology and Religious Education and P.S.H.E. are covered at Foundation Level. Specialist teachers take Physical Education, Swimming, Information technology, Music, Library Studies and Nyanja. Year Six are also taught French.

QCA assessments are taken yearly as are termly reading tests and NFER assessments. Children are placed within classes according to age and lessons and differentiated according to ability. Children with specific learning difficulties can be tested and are catered for within the Learning Support department.

Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress during termly consultations and end of term reports. Other appointments can be made as necessary. Short Homework assignments are set daily including Reading, Literacy and Numeracy tasks. Prep sessions are available during the week as are a variety of sports and Afternoon Activities.

Children are grouped into three Houses, Eagle, Hawk and Falcon for sports and other competitions.

The department encourages all children to take part in their Drama production in Term One and every class also goes on an Educational Camping Trip each year to encourage appreciation of Zambian Geography and for Class Team Building.