Children in Reception, Year One and Year Two follow the British National Curriculum with the core subjects being, Literacy, Numeracy and Science. History, Geography, Religious Education, P.S.H.E., Art and Design and Technology are also taught at this level.
Children have specialist teachers for Physical Education, Swimming, Music, Information Technology and our local language, Nyanja.

We have an active drama programme and we put on two major productions a year. The children have weekly assemblies. Maximum participation is always encouraged.

Children from Reception begin our outdoor education programme where they experience camping and independence away from home. Each year group extends the time spent away from home.

We have a Boarding house at school and we accept boarders from the age of six (6).

The foundation stage at any school is crucial for any child’s development and at Baobab we pride ourselves on a highly experienced and dedicated staff that always put the child first and foremost and treat each child in a very individual way.

We have an open door policy where any parent can pop in and discuss any concerns and indeed observe children at work and play. Parents at Baobab are always very supportive. It has a unique family atmosphere which you feel when ever you arrive.