About Primary School

Parents are only too aware how important it is for them to choose the right Primary education for their children…

At Baobab College, we understand that our responsibility is equally demanding. We offer a balanced academic curriculum, relevant to today’s world, together with the opportunity and encouragement to discover and develop other abilities.

By creating a happy, friendly and stimulating environment, we enable our Primary school children to mature as individuals and to form good friendships and interests. At the same time, in partnership with parents, we seek to reinforce standards of behaviour which set a pattern for Secondary school.

This website reviews the school curriculum, extra curricular activities, outdoor education and facilities that we offer at Baobab. It cannot, however, convey the caring atmosphere and individual attention which help to ensure that each child reaches their full potential

We have an amazing group of children in our Primary school who have all been motivated by hard working, kind and dedicated teachers and support staff. I would welcome the opportunity to show you Baobab Primary school so that you may judge for yourself whether it is the right school for your son or daughter.