Baobab College

WELCOME to Baobab College. We are delighted to have you and your children join our school and we hope that this will be the beginning of a long and happy association.
This handbook has been compiled as a useful source of information about our school for you to keep as a guide and for future reference.
Whilst it is not possible to come up with a finite set of rules and regulations the information contained within this book highlights the policies and procedures, which encapsulate the founding principles of Baobab College.
Baobab is a dynamic school which works hard to remain at the forefront of educational development therefore the enclosed policies are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure continued relevance.
If you have any concerns at any time about any aspect of your child’s education, please contact the school immediately. Our doors are always open.

Contact details:

School Landline: (+260 1) 278793/4/5 School Mobile No. 0966876804.

Jan Lamb Principal:
Bernadette Mwate: Finance Manager
Nick Golson Estate Manager:
Steve Lang Head of Secondary:
Laura Stokes Head of Primary:
Jon Turner Deputy Head of Secondary:
Jacqueline Lang Head of Boarding:
Catherine Mulenga Principal’s PA:




To be highly respected providers of educational excellence in Africa.
We believe in, and are fully committed to, providing a caring environment conducive to a quality education, in preparation for the responsibilities of adulthood.

To create an excellent learning environment for the development of all students, ensuring our students will benefit not only from being in Zambia, but also from the opportunity of studying and living alongside people from various parts of the world, enabling each one to contribute positively to the ever changing global society.

Baobab College offers a broad, balanced and integrated curriculum, which aspires to the highest level of international education. In addition to our pursuit of academic excellence, we are committed to encourage and challenge our students to fulfill their  emotional, social and physical potential.

To complement, support and deliver our Vision and Mission, Baobab College believes that:
 The education we provide should be broad, balanced and integrated in order to lead to the effective development of academic, practical and social skills
 Balancing teaching and learning with creative, physical and social activities is fundamental to the further development of individual self-expression, self-discipline, independence, responsibility and self-confidence

 The development of academic, personal, social, emotional and health skills and knowledge are central to realizing individual potential

 Education should inspire a love of learning and prepare individuals to make a positive contribution to the local environment and the world.
 Effective teaching and learning will instill an understanding of, and ability to apply and inter-relate, the concepts and content of each area of study
 The full potential of each individual in our community is achieved through commitment, dedication and the search for excellence.
 An effective teaching and learning ethos requires mutual respect, fairness, honesty, tolerance, supportive relationships, teamwork and a community spirit.

1. Baobab College will not accept responsibility for any damage or loss of personal property on school premises.
2. Students are expected to be courteous to others at all times. Courtesy includes greeting members of staff and adult visitors, and ensuring that visitors to the school are given any help that they may require.
3. Students must report for registration by 7.20 am.
4. The movement between classes should be brisk, quiet and orderly.
5. Students should always keep to the left to avoid congestion.
6. Students may only enter classroom and laboratories when staff are present.
7. The Library is for silent study only.
8. Eating is only allowed during break and lunchtime. Eating and drinking, apart from water, are not allowed in classrooms, laboratories, changing rooms, the PE area, the Library or the School Hall.
9. Chewing gum and bubble gum are strictly forbidden. Persistent offenders will be given a School detention.
10. Ball games are not allowed in or near school buildings.
11. Attendance at extra‐curricular activities is compulsory for at least two hours per week.
12. All School detentions and prefects’ detentions are compulsory.
13. Students must obtain a note from a teacher before visiting the nurse. If the nurse on duty feels it is necessary to send a student home, the student must wait at Reception to be collected by a parent/guardian.
14. The smoking of, or even the possession, of tobacco products is forbidden, as is the possession or use of illegal substances. The same applies to the consumption or possession of alcohol. Violation of this rule will lead to suspension and possible expulsion.
15. All personal possessions must be clearly labelled and valuables should not be left unattended to. Any student caught stealing will be liable for expulsion.
16. Students must take good care of their books and school bags.
17. Students must adhere strictly to the dress code.
18. Students should change back into the school uniform as soon as possible after P.E Lessons.
19. Extreme hairstyles and hair, which is obviously dyed are not permitted.
20. Students may not bring iPads, head‐phones or cell phones to school without the permission of a member of staff. If a mobile phone or pager has to be brought to school then it must remain switched off during the school day. If permission has not been obtained, the items will be confiscated.
21. With the permission of the Principal, vehicles may be used by Sixth Formers. Students must hold valid Zambian licences and their vehicles must be taxed, insured and licenced. Only students in years 12 and 13 may drive themselves to school. Cars should be parked in the area of the car park next to the sports field. Students should provide a letter of permission from their parents and a certified copy of their driving licence to be able to drive their car to school.
NB: Should a student’s driving habits become a cause for concern on the way to and from school and in the school car park then the privilege may be removed.
22. Students may not leave the School premises during school hours without the permission of the Head or Deputy Head. Students leaving during the School day must sign out at Reception.
23. The following are out of bounds to students:
‐ The swimming pool area, the PE store, all PE apparatus and changing rooms (during school hours) when staff are not present.
‐ Staff quarters, houses and gardens
‐ The Dining Hall and the School Hall when staff are not present
‐ The Boarding Houses during school hours, except for Sixth Formers
‐ The school premises for day pupils in the afternoons and on week‐ends unless they are involved in school activities.
‐ The maintenance department, kitchens and store‐rooms.
24. No food or flowers may be delivered to students during school hours, except in the case of boarders after 4.00pm.
25. Between 2.00pm and 4.00pm students who are not engaged in supervised afternoon activities may only be in the Library, or awaiting their lift in the Piazza area. On Monday‐Thursday afternoon students may only be in the Piazza area from 1.50pm to 2.05pm and 3.00pm to 3.10pm. Outside of these times students who are not involved in supervised clubs or sports activities should be in the supervised prep area.
26. Students are not permitted to wear make‐up, lip gloss, or coloured contact lenses.
27. Students are not allowed to wear part of their uniform. When students are in uniform it must be in full uniform, whether they are on or off campus.
28. Students are not allowed to possess or use tippex.
29. Any display of physical intimacy between students is unacceptable.
30. The Principal and Board of Directors reserves the right to use all written, oral, audio and/or visual material that is deemed to be related to Baobab College, its student and/or staff at their own discretion.

Baobab College is committed to providing a safe environment for students, staff, parents and visitors. We work closely with all local and state authorities in order to ensure that Baobab is well prepared for an emergency. Baobab has developed a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan that serves as a guide to help staff and our public safety partners respond swiftly should a crisis occur in our schools.
As a parent, how can you prepare for a school emergency?
Provide accurate emergency contact information to Baobab and notify the school if this information changes. If you have Internet access, please ensure that we have a current email address to ensure that you get up to date information on a regular basis – or in the event of an emergency.
What To Do During a School Emergency?
When a school emergency has occurred, parents can get important information and directions by visiting During an emergency, we can anticipate that phone lines into Baobab may be blocked. In order not to interfere with emergency responders, we ask that parents wait to receive important information from school officials via our phone trees before going to the
school or scene of an emergency. You can be confident that accurate and timely information will be released to parents, the public, and the media during any emergency incident.
If the school is to be evacuated, where will students be collected from?
Evacuation procedures are implemented during an emergency situation when it is determined that students and staff will be safer at a location away from the main buildings. Baobab has an Emergency Assembly Point out on the fields next to the swimming pool.
Parents will be directed to the area where they will be required to show proper identification before collecting children. Remember, a student can only be released to a parent/guardian or an adult who is documented as an emergency contact. If you are a non‐custodial parent, you must be listed in your child’s emergency contact information as a guardian and you must show proper identification.

Baobab College is prepared for an emergency.

As a parent, you should feel confident in knowing that Baobab has key staff members with assigned roles and responsibilities to perform during an emergency. The Baobab Senior Emergency Management Team and Emergency Procedures schedule is modeled on international standards and practices. In addition, Baobab College conducts emergency drills throughout the school year, so that students and staff are aware of the most effective and safe emergency responses.
If you see something, say something….
Ensuring school safety is everyone’s responsibility – staff, students, parents and the entire community. Please report any safety concerns you may have to the school Principal.

1. Aims
At Baobab College, we aim to educate, develop and prepare all our children for life in a complex modern society.

We aim to:
‐ Provide equality of opportunity in the widest sense
‐ Make children aware of the world as it is, and as we would like it to be
‐ Encourage children to think for themselves rather than accept stereotypes
‐ Teach children to appreciate the value of difference, both amongst their
classmates and in the outside world.
‐ Provide positive role models in our behaviour and communication with each
2. Practice
a) Admission
Baobab College does not permit sex, race, religion, colour or disability/health to be used as criteria for refusing admission
b) Staffing
The School values diversity amongst its staff. In all staff appointments, the best candidate will be appointed based on strict professional criteria.
c) Registration
Children are registered by sex (Female First) (in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Zambia) and then alphabetically by surname. Every effort is made to pronounce names correctly.
d) The Curriculum
Every child has a right to a broad and balanced curriculum and to take part in all activities. Staff must be constantly aware that their own expectations affect the achievement, behaviour and status of each pupil.
3. Conclusion
Equal opportunities permeate the entire curriculum and need continual monitoring and regular review.
Our equal opportunities policy provides every child with the room to flourish and grow and is fundamental to a happy healthy school.

Attendance Policy
Baobab College takes very seriously any unauthorized absence of pupils during term time.
Our School policy is:

UNDER CONSTRUCTION, thank you for your patience.