Inspirational education which gives every child the tools to build a happy, fulfilling and successful future


Our school is underpinned by the values we share and hold dear,

*We value the tranquility of our natural environment which we believe is conducive to teaching, learning and development

*We value our diverse community where pupils, teachers and parents respect and value each other and their community

*We value our open and collaborative organization and promote sharing, cooperation and understanding among all members of our community

*We value the way in which individuals are unique and we respect them for who they are

*We value innovative and inspiring education and put teaching and learning at the heart of all we do


To thrive as a diverse school community which shares a passion for teaching and learning and,

*Fosters a caring and creative ethos

*Nurtures personal growth, integrity and diligence

*Responds sensitively to the individual needs of children

*Encourages creativity, team spirit and sportsmanship

*Promotes and achieves success, together and as individuals