Welcome to Baobab


Welcome to Baobab College

OUR VISION Is to offer the highest levels of educational excellence in Africa. We are committed to providing a caring environment which is conducive to quality education, with emphasis on preparing students for the responsibilities of adulthood. OUR MISSION Is to create an excellent learning environment and to develop skills and knowledge. Our students will benefit from the exposure of life in Zambia as well as exposure to the different cultures within our school; ensuring their preparation in positively contributing to an ever changing global society. AIMS OF THE COLLEGE BAOBAB COLLEGE offers a broad, balanced and integrated curriculum which aspires to the highest level of international education. In addition, we are committed to encourage and challenge our students to fulfil their emotional, social and physical potential. PHILOSOPHY To complement, support and deliver the Vision and Mission, BAOBAB COLLEGE believes in: • Providing a broad, balanced and integrated learning environment in order to develop academic, practical and social skills. • Balancing teaching and learning with creative, physical and social activities as a fundamental corner stone of individual development by way of promoting self expression, self-discipline, independence, responsibility and self-confidence. • Developing academic, personal, social, emotional and health skills in order to realize each student’s potential. • Inspiring a love of learning and preparing individuals to make a positive contribution to the world, as a global outlook. • Teaching the ability to apply, inter-relate and effectively understand the concepts and content of each area of study. • Reaching each individual’s full potential with commitment, dedication and the search for excellence. • Instilling an ethos of mutual respect, fairness, honesty, tolerance, supportive relationships, team work and community spirit.